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hi i'm luce ♡
instagram: lucybrecely

we love our bread we love our butter but most of all we love each other

Leather hats and knitted beanies
- Anonymous

love beanies no to leather hats

knee high boot?s
- Anonymous

nope not a fan

those windsor smith chunky sandals with the tassels that EVERYONE has?
- sunshinelollipopsandmaybes

i like them along with most other windsors

huf socks?
- drihft

they’re stupid people onlyl buy them to take pics for instagram or tumblr and it’s promoting illegal drugs as a fashion statement which I don’t really agree with

Im sooo confused the URL to tumblr you have on insta is like mixtape Mondays or some shizz ? Do you have 2 blogs or am I insane
- Anonymous

yeah nah that’s my other blog

Vests???? And how u style them best
- Anonymous

they look cool with basic tees and jeans and nikes but I personally wouldn’t wear them

I think short hair is totally hot right now, but long hair is completely a security thing!! I cut mine short and I just felt like I had to put more into my daily appearance and try more with my makeup etc to ensure I felt and looked like a female bahah! Short hair is hot though and some people flaunt it well but I felt more insecurities with short hair and it looks awful growing it because it reaches so many "awkward" stages! Bah
- Anonymous

yesssss agreed and bc my hair is wavy if it doesn’t dry right it’s just a complete mess

I wanna cut it but I'm going to miss braiding it! I'm just a bit over it :'(
- Anonymous

yes that’s another thing i miss, but yeah it’s a good change

Maxi skirts/dresses
- Anonymous

yes to skirts nah to dresses

Short or long hair? I'm thinking of cutting mine. It's thick blonde and sorta wavy
- Anonymous

i recently cut mine to about collarbone length and don’t get me wrong I’m glad I did it but I really really miss long hair like my hair was kind of a security blanket for me and I feel so much more exposed with short hair