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hi i'm luce
instagram: lucybrecely

The good man is the friend of all living things


does my mundane personality and average body turn you on

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  • susfu:

    half of everything disgusts annoys and infuriates me and the other half leaves me jealous self-concious and envious

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  • things every highschooler should know


    Do you do promotes?
    - Anonymous

    nahhh ain’t about that life

    I love with my boyfriend and we've been dating for nearly two years but we fight always over stupid things. We really do love each other and I love him more than anything but I feel so lonely sometimes and like I have doubts, I even question if I want to be with him and it scares me because I do really with all my heart love him. But one second I want to get married and the next I want to leave. I either want to kiss him or push him away and I know I'm hurting him but what is wrong with me :(
    - Anonymous

    maybe just give yourselves some space for a little while so you can figure out what’s going on and how you want things to go x

    U know what's worst the fact that I'm 21 and never kissed a boy ( neither in a relationship of course ) and everyone is like why are u still single omg and all this family pressure 🔫🔫
    - Anonymous

    nah man you clearly have high standards go you

    hey Luce you are beautiful and tell all your friends in that photo too and all your friends that aren't bc everyone deserves to hear that
    - Anonymous

    you’re adorable